Choosing the Right Screen Door

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The screen door symbolizes many things to me. I remember my mom popping open the door to let some cool air into our hot kitchen, and then hastily closing it after my dad complained he was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. More than once, I heard the hinges squeak as I banged out to join my friends.

Before you buy your screen door, think about how much traffic will be going through it. Are your kids and their friends going to be continuously banging in and out, or is the dog going to jump on the screen with its sharp paws? If this sounds like your house, you should buy a sturdier screen door, such as wood.

Wooden Screen Doors

A wooden screen door can add ambiance to your house with its rich colors. Wood screen doors probably cost more compared to other materials, but it also offers more protection in terms of dents and other damages. Hardwoods like oak, aspen, and other woods will provide you with a sturdier door, but it will also cost more than if you use cedar, pine, and fir.

There are lots of styles you can choose from, hence it offers a lot of fun in designing the wooden screen door. If you like animal decoration, you can use solid wooden inserts of horses, elk, bears, or moose for example. If you like you can design it in a Victorian style, along with the decorative spandrels and carvings. However, you can always go with the traditional style in case you want no decoration on it.

Aluminum Screen Doors

Many people prefer aluminum screen doors, as they are easily maintained. The components of these doors go through a process known as anodization, where the components have a finish that is baked onto the materials. This prevents rust, pitting, and other types of deterioration that may shorten the life span of the door.

Retractable Screen Doors

The retractable screen door allows you to prop it open for fresh air, while the closed screen keeps pesky bugs out. It is best installed by a contractor, because the doorway may need to be shaved down for a proper fit, or other adjustments may need to be made. Kids can have a hard time opening and closing these doors, and when the door is closed, it’s hard to see in a certain light, and people have tried to walk through it.

Patio Screen Doors

The patio screen door offers a convenient path to the swimming pool or picnic table. The two primary styles in choosing a patio screen door are a hinged or swinging door, or a sliding screen door. Choose left or right-hand operation, whichever you need. Hinged patio screen doors have an elegant look, and are ideal for a kitchen connecting to a patio. Sliding patio screen doors give more space, with a greater view outside. Determine which way you want it to slide, based on the layout of your house.

Security Screen Doors

Security screen door offers protection without compromising on design. Aluminum and steel offer equal protection, but aluminum offers a tighter screen, which keeps pesky bugs out. Have a trained technician install them in case they are hard to fit.

Pet Screen Doors

Dog screen doors allow your dog to go in and out at will, so you don’t have to jump out of your chair whenever they scratch at the door. The tight mesh helps prevent tears from sharp paws. A hinged door screen makes the perfect pet screen door. You can let the fresh air in while knowing your pet is safe.

Portable Screen Door

Portable screen doors have a foldable frame for easy storage and take just minutes to install. Line one side of the door jamb with one side of heavy Velcro tape, and then use the other side of the tape to line the screen door. Put the two sides together, and you have an instant screen door.

Anderson and Larson Screen Doors

Manufacturers like Anderson and Larson offer many choices. Match the color of your house, or use unique decorations like satin nickel, bright brass, or oil-rubbed bronze. The Anderson website has a design your own door feature, in three easy steps. Pick your frame, glass, and handle design, and all designs are the same low price. Anderson screen doors and Larson screen doors will give you many years of pleasure.

Picking the right screen door or going for custom screen doors to suit your needs doesn’t have to be a boring experience. With so many styles to choose from, it’s fun to mix and match colors and designs, with the assurance of knowing you have a quality product that can last a lifetime.

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