Choosing The Best Entry Doors

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Changing the entry doors of your house is a more difficult process than you might think, and involves taking a number of important factors into consideration. Not only must you look at budget and style, but you have to think about durability and security.

Each of these aspects plays a major part in the decision and will determine whether you will be better served by a sturdy steel door, an elegant wooden door, or a well-insulated plastic door. The most important factor is quality because a cheap door made from inferior materials will deteriorate rapidly, costing much more in the end.

The Elegance of Entry Doors

The front door is usually the focal point of an architectural theme, and changing your entry door can give the whole home a lift, as well as make a great first impression on visitors. An older building can benefit from a stylish wooden door, for a rustic feel, whereas a modern home will be refreshed by a vibrant fiberglass door.

Buying a new entry door is a small change that can completely change the appearance of your home and give your exterior a timely boost. For further individuality and style, door hardware such as door knockers, doorknobs, and address plaques can further develop and augment an exterior design theme.

Entry Door Security

Many homeowners are fortunate enough to live in areas where crime isn’t a problem, so they can judge a door purely on aesthetics, price, and practicality. For others, living with the risk of break-ins and vandalism, entry door security is the overriding concern and they must look for a robust door with high-quality security locks, bolts, and chains. In these cases, a steel door is usually a much better option than wood or glass-paneled doors.

Exterior Door Insulation

Extremes of climate can make a huge difference in the preferred type of door because good heat insulation can knock huge amounts of money off your electricity bills. A poorly insulated entry door means that your central heating has to work harder in the winter, and your air conditioning has to work harder in the summer. In these circumstances, vinyl entry doors or fiberglass doors with double or triple-glazed glass panels are a great option; by contrast, steel doors are often poorly insulated.

The Durability of Entry Doors

Ideally, you want to buy an entry door that will last for many years, without cracking or peeling or generally becoming an eyesore. Wooden doors are extremely beautiful, but they require regular treatment with paint, stain, or varnish to prevent adverse weather from causing rot or warping. Vinyl doors often fade or discolor in bright sunlight, while cheaper steel doors are easily dented, and the powder coating can scratch or peel. Always look to buy the best exterior doors that you can afford because they will last for many years and repay your initial investment.

Customizing Exterior Doors

Many homeowners like to customize their entry doors, adding door furniture such as door handles, doorknobs, and home address plaques. With traditional wooden entry doors, you can easily adapt your door, drilling new holes and filling the old ones very easily. Door furniture is available in a wide range of options, from antique brass to modern chrome, but uPVC and fiberglass doors are much more difficult to customize, and vinyl doors are practically impossible to modify.

Exterior Doors as an Investment

Quality exterior doors can be extremely expensive, but they are also a great investment, adding to the value of your home and repaying the initial cost over time. In addition, a high-security front door with high-quality locks from a reputable manufacturer may lower your home insurance premiums, and a durable door will require little maintenance and care. Due to the high price of good-quality stains and varnishes, maintaining low-quality doors often requires a great deal of time and expense.

Entry Door Design

Many homeowners look for individuality in their design and try to find a door that matches their overall theme. Wooden and fiberglass exterior doors come in a range of styles and themes, and you can usually find one to suit any home. By contrast, steel and vinyl doors are much more limited, even if you include glass panels and door hardware, they still look a little generic. If your home has a non-standard size entry door, you will be hard-pushed to find options in steel, vinyl, or fiberglass.

Choosing The Best Entry Doors

Choosing the best entry doors for your home or business is a matter of balancing the various factors and finding the type that is best for you. Whether you want the elegance of wood, the security of steel, or the durability of fiberglass, there is a huge range of exterior doors for you to choose from, allowing you to protect your home and make it stand out from the crowd.

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