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Making More Space in Your Bathroom

bathroom storage

Bathroom storage ideas are something that many people do not consider until they notice that their bathroom space is becoming quite cluttered. When you come home from a long day at work, the first thing that will most likely come to your mind is soaking in a nice bath. You will certainly not be pleased if you go into your bathroom and see all your towels and toiletries scattered all over the place.

There are many people who want a stylish bathroom; however, what these people do not know is that you need to organize the functional section of your bathroom, in order for it to be stylish. To help you with the process of organizing your bathroom, you will need to make use of some great bathroom storage ideas.

Listed below are some great bathroom storage ideas, which you can use to get your bathroom, organized:

Empty Your Space
The first thing you need to do is to empty your bathroom of all the toiletries and other items. Once you have cleared the bathroom of everything, you can now evaluate the space that you have available. You should also take the time to think about any shelf covering or painting that needs to be done.

Attack the Problem Areas
The best bathroom storage ideas will not work if you do not take the time to attack the problem areas.

Under Sink Areas
This is one of the most difficult spaces in the bathroom to organize; however, bathroom storage ideas that can help you with this area include: Pull Out Bins, Shelf Organizers, Shelf Expanders, and Lazy Susans

Your bathroom drawers can also be a very untidy area of your bathroom. Bathroom storage ideas for this area are Drawer Dividers, Glasses, Bowls, and other miscellaneous glassware.

Medicine Cabinet
In order to organize your medicine cabinet, you need to store only the medications that you currently use. Get rid of all medications that you no longer use, or that are expired.

Linen Closet
There are a number of bathroom storage ideas that you can use to organize your linen closet. The easiest of these ideas is to add more shelves.

Look for Additional Space
Bathroom storage ideas enable you to add style to your bathroom by being creative. Places, where you can look for additional space in your bathroom, are: around the tub, the bathroom door, above the toilet, over the windows and doors, and an empty wall.

Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

Why does it seem like there is less storage area in your bathroom than in any other part of your house? Two reasons. First, because bathrooms are small! There really IS less storage area! And second, because there are so many things that need to be stored in the bathroom. Whether it’s towels, shampoo, soap, makeup, or Q-Tips, there are tons of bathroom toiletries and accessories that you need to worry about.

Here I’ll be discussing the three main areas of the bathroom that get underutilized. These are the walls, the back of the bathroom door, and the space above the toilet. These should give you some pretty awesome bathroom storage ideas that you can then take away and make your own.

Bathroom Storage Idea #1: The Walls

Throughout most of your house, you probably think of the walls in decorative, rather than functional terms. That’s because, in the rest of your house, space isn’t at the premium that it is in your bathroom. But let’s think about ways to make the walls into a storage solution. First off, if you don’t have a medicine cabinet, get one. Medicine cabinets are a great way to kill two birds with one stone and get you some additional storage space quickly.

Next, install a couple of towel holders. Not the cheap kind that only holds one towel – makes sure you put in good ones. Finally, if you have room and your budget allows for it, install some shelves on that you can put boxes and toiletries on.

Bathroom Storage Idea #2: The Back of the Bathroom Door

You might have seen someone that you know who uses the back of their bedroom door to store their shoe collection. Well, I bet you never thought of doing the same thing with your bathroom door. But you can! One option is just to put some towel hooks on the door. This can be done for only a few dollars and for a few minutes of your time with a screwdriver or a drill. Another option is to install bags or cubby-type spaces similar to what people oftentimes do with their shoes on their bedroom doors as I mentioned before.

Bathroom Storage Idea #3: The Space Above the Toilet

Wait a minute, you’re probably saying. Above the toilet is just a wall with a cheesy picture. How do I store anything there? Take that crappy picture down first of all. Then, install shelves or cabinets in their place! One solution is to simply install an over-toilet vanity that sits right on the floor. Another is to put in recessed cabinets or shelves if your bathroom is small. Finally, a third choice would be to just put in traditional shelves which you can probably get at Lowe’s for $15.

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