A Bit On Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screen

Whether you choose to enjoy outdoor fireplaces or ventless gas fireplaces inside your home, you need to make sure you have a fireplace screen. Fireplace screens are an essential fireplace accessory for the safety of the people around the fire and the safety of your home. A fireplace screen has two main safety features.

The first benefit of a fireplace screen is that it keeps sparks and small embers from flying out of the fireplace where they can ignite your carpet or dry grass around an outdoor fire pit. The second is that they keep the curious fingers and paws of children and pets away from the open flame or the hot parts of an electric fireplace insert.

There are many different styles of fireplace screens and they can be made of a variety of materials. Since this is such an important fireplace tool to have you might be curious to know if there are cheap fireplace screens and cheap fireplace doors that you can purchase and there are. Even if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money, it is definitely possible to find a fireplace screen for your fireplace.

Fireplace Designs

There are three basic types of fireplace screen designs for inside your home and two for outdoor fireplaces. The first type of fireplace screen indoors is a fireplace screen with doors. Fireplace screens and doors are considered modern fireplace screens and are just what they sound like. These contemporary fireplace screens are usually divided into four parts where the middle two partitions are on hinges and open like French doors.

This style looks best with more elaborate fireplace surround designs. The next type of indoor fireplace screen is an actual screen. They are mesh screens that are in two, three, or four partitions. If you have a three-partition screen then you want the middle section to be about the same size as the opening of your firebox.

This style of fireplace screen will look natural with stone fireplace designs. The last style of fireplace screen is one that is actually in the firebox and sits directly over the fire. This style is usually decorative in nature and is considered antique fireplace screens. Unfortunately, they may not protect the people and items around the fireplace as well as other fireplace designs.

It is also important to make sure that the decoration on the screen does not interfere with the fireplace mantel designs. This last style is most appropriate for small fireplace screens.

For outdoor fireplaces, there are two main types of fireplace screens. The first is just a larger version of the ones used inside and the second is for circular fire pits. They encircle the fireplace and extend up into the air so that they cover the top of the fire as well.

Fireplace Screen Materials

There are several different materials available for the construction of fireplace screens. The three main material categories are metal, stained glass, and glass fireplace screens. Metal fireplace screens are often made of wrought iron, copper, brass, and steel with wrought iron fireplace screens being the most common.

If you choose a metal fireplace screen then you want to make sure that you do not get too close to the screen when you are burning a fire because the metal will get extremely hot due to its conductive properties of metals. Also, your outdoor fireplace plans might not work with a metal screen because they will rust when exposed to outdoor weather.

Stained glass fireplace screens are great for decorating. They are a piece of art in your living room or family room as well as being functionally useful. The stained glass is even more beautiful when there is a fire lit behind it. When there is light behind the fireplace screen, the stained glass looks just like a stained glass lamp or window with the setting sun behind it. The stained glass is usually in a metal frame of some kind so this too will get hot. Be careful when handling any fireplace screen.

Glass fireplace screens are most typical of fireplace screens with door variety. The glass doors can be frosted, clear, or etched. As with the stained glass fireplace screens, the glass fireplace screens are in metal frames. The same safety concerns exist with this kind of fireplace screen.

No matter what materials or style of fireplace screens you choose, you can make them custom fireplace screens by designing the etching in the glass or the stained glass design. Another example of when you might need a custom fireplace screen is if you have a large or custom-built fireplace, especially an outdoor masonry fireplace. With large or uncommonly shaped fireplaces, a custom fireplace screen is necessary.

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